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It is a misconception that Urdu langauge belongs to the Muslims and specially to the Muslims of sub-continent. Urdu belongs to every one. Not only hindus but the people of all religions and sects learn urdu at a later stage. Specialy in the film industry there are examples of many celeberaties learning Urdu to improve their career opportunities. I know about a leading Hindu politician and the head of a Kattar Panthi Hindu organisation who has a great love for Urdu an had learned Urdu by appointing a teacher who used to teach him at his residence. This is the charm of the Urdu language which has survived despite all sorts of discrimination and injustice meeted out to it from the political circles in India.

Muhammed Ismail Kola (Dubai)
Mar 26 2011


Main Ne To Suna Hai Ke Urdu Shahjahan Ki Fauji Zuban Thi Jisey Baad Me Musalmanau Ne Apnaya Gairaun Ne Isey Musalmanau Ki Zaban Qarar Diya

Ashfaque (Dubai)
Mar 25 2011

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