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janta dul per bharusa karna badi beuqufi hugi kiuke abhi naib sader kaliye hamid ansari ki jaga janta dal ne jasvanth singh ko saath de rahi hai . karnatak me Bjp hukumat lane me jantadal ka haat hai .mere hisab se musalman kangres ko vote de ya direct BJP ko vote de . musalman janta dal ko vote dene se BJP ko hi faidah hai

Abdul Azeem siddibapa (uae)
Jul 17 2012


Reader should know Member of Legislative Council Abdul Azeem handed over his resignation for the primary membership of the party to Mr Deve Gowda and Mr Kumaraswamy, stating he was disgusted over the attitutde of Mr Kumaraswamy and first BJP CAME TO POWER IN KARNATAKA BECOZ OF jdS ONLY.

aMEER (India)
Jul 17 2012

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