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Assalamualikum, The residents of Bhatkal will proudly read the news of over 73 thousands students will appear for Islamic Knowledge test Abu Hasan Nadwi Acadmy and Islamic Center, from 373 exam centers all over India and abroad. Moulvi  Iliyas Nadwi and his colleagues are doing extremely important work to spread true message of Allah SWT and his messenger (PBUH) to general public. Insha Allah this model will in future help Dawa and to develop right image of Islam and followers Muslims. Same time we Bhatkallis are happy that brand Bhatkal will add to its shine.Bhatkal will now be known to larger audience and geographical area. We pray to Almighty Allah swt that, Allah grant them better health, wisdom, courage to those who are working for the cause of spreading right message. Learning for us is what are we doing to take such initiative forward, surely, each of us would want to have a share in promoting right image of Islam.

Abu Anas (Dubai)
Feb 20 2013

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