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Allahu tala ka Quran mein wada hai woh zameen ki khilafat ek din musalmanoun ko louta dega. Agar ham musalman zindagi ke har shoube mein islam ki talimat par amal karna shiroo karein, to Allah hamari Khoi hui izzat aur Shan ko louta dega aur inshallah musalman baitul maqdas ko bhi poori tarha yahoodiyoun ke qabze se azad karalenge

Abu saad (Abu dhabi)
Jun 09 2012


Assalamualaikum, I am grateful to Bhatkal news portal for keeping is updated,time to time, I\'m international affairs, which are closer to our heart. Free Masjid Aqsa and issues related to Palestine freedom are one of most important and core issues of Mulim world. Continued struggle by Palestine comunity for their free home land including Masjid a Aqsa has been part of their struggle for over 64 years now. Their sacrifices are second to none. We must join our Palestine brothers in pray to almighty for the relief and respectable solution to the issue. We show our solidarity with Hamas and Intefada together and hope inshallah one day our Palestine brothers will succeed in securing their land free from Zimonistowers. Zionist colony and their western partner particularly US has made it difficult for Arabs to get their land freed. I hope the Oil diplomacy work better prior to Arab brothers losing further control of their assets. Abu Anas

Abu Anas (Subai)
Jun 08 2012

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